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shingeki no kyojin anime

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  1. anime fan

    Hi, I’m the person that just posted over on regarding the continuation of Fairy Tail. Not trying to spam, but, is this site going to have Shingeki no Kyijin streams and/or downloads? And do you know if they plan on a second season of Shingeki no Kyojin?

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi there again anime fan! :)

      Second season of Shingeki no Kyojin? I think so too, just like with Ftail. Season 1 is left hanging and they better make a continuation of it. It would be really unfair if the manga authors will just leave it as is.

      Have you heard/read about Shingeki no Kyojin: Ilse no Techou? It’s bundled with the 12th limited-edition manga volume and it’s about an old journal found by Levi and Erwin when they conduct the surveillance operation outside the wall. The contents of “Ilse’s Journal” result in some unexpected actions from Hange. They just released this a day ago. You can watch it here.

      As to your question about whether or not this site’s going to have streams and/or downloads, as you can see this site is still under construction along with Ftale. I want to know, as a fellow anime fan, what do you want to see in an anime fan site? Would be nice if you can think up of something which other fan sites don’t yet offer. Your answer (if ever you’ll reply), will greatly help shape up this site.

      Thanks! ;)


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